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1595 E. Sumner St.
Suite 106 (Hwy 60)

Mon-Fri 9 - 9 pm
Saturday 8 - 4 pm
Sunday 10 - 4 pm


Tanning Lotions & Tropical Items

We have the latest & greatest lotions
on the market today at the most reasonable prices!

To Achieve Maximum Results, Always Use A Salon Tanning Lotion While Tanning!

Tanning Lotion Facts:

  • Using a tanning lotion is an essential element to achieving the deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan possible.
  • The tanning lotions that we carry also have an immense amount of skin care ingredients.
  • UV light reflects off of dry skin.
  • It takes 6-7 minutes for UV light to penetrate dry skin and only 30 seconds to penetrate moist skin.
  • There are four main types of tanning lotions: bronzers, intensifier/accelerator, coolant and tingle.
  • Moisturized skin tans better and keeps your tan longer.
  • If you are not using a tanning lotion, you are only getting 30% of your tan!

Types of Lotions:

  • Bronzers: Bronzers are often added to tanning products to enhance and darken the tan, blend unevenly tanned areas, and enrich the tone (color) of the tan. Streaking is virtually unheard of because the effects are gradual.
  • Intensifier/Accelerator: An intensifier/accelerator lotion is a lotion that has ingredients in it that will hydrate and tan your skin. It has ingredients that work with the melanin in your skin to develop your tan naturally.
  • Coolant: Give you a cooling sensation that is extremely refreshing. They refresh and soothe the skin as well as cooling you down faster after each tanning experience.
  • Tingle: Brings your blood to the surface of the skin, which allows UV light to reach your skin much faster. This speeds up the tanning process to deliver a deeper, darker tan.

Our Certified Tanning Consultants
Are Ready To Help You With All Your Tanning Needs!

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1595 E. Sumner St., Suite 106, Hartford, WI 53027 (Hwy 60)

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